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50 Years of family tradition making scissors and pliers for the collection of citrus fruits and other fruits

Les Nuleres RANGE Les Valencianes


New range of scissors for citrus picking.

Quality and perfection united by 50 years of tradition.

We recover and redesigned one of the best known models for the citrus pickers and emblematic of our company, maintaining its assembly system and providing them with new functionalities such as the curvature at the end of the side lever to avoid injuries to the user's hand, being the first scissors for the collection of citrus from the market to incorporate this characteristic. All models of this new range are also equipped with a central opening in the mouth of the scissors to avoid pinching the fingers of the collector at the time of scissors closing. Some of our new models incorporate an enhancement in the blade in the form of protection to avoid damage to the skin of the fruit and curved handles to favor the positioning of the scissors in the user's hand reducing fatigue and thus increasing the yield during harvesting .

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-. Ergonomic handles with plastic coating ABS
- Leather strap to keep the hand attached to the scissors

- Made of 3,5mm stainless steel.
- Rounded tips used not to harm the fruit.
- Cutting stop.
- Concave cut.
- Nut to ajust the scissor.
- Curved handles for a more natural position of your hand, obtaining a more effective collection.

Scissors for the collection of:

Citrus (Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons)


Size: 127mm / Color: Red

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Avoid damage to the fruit with our tools.

Our scissors and pliers are designed for efficient collection of citrus fruits (oranges,

mandarins, lemons) and other fruits, decreasing the damages in them. To do this they are endowed with characteristics such as: rounded tips to avoid puncturing the skin of the fruit. Tip of the blade raised in the form of protection to avoid puncturing the fruit in case of a bad cut, curved handles providing a more natural position of the hand.