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Herramientas Canet, S.L.

Más de 50 años de tradición fabricando tijeras y alicates para la recolección de cítricos y otras frutas
Logo Herramientas Canet

HERRAMIENTAS CANET, S.L.  is a consolidated Valencian company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural tools. What better place to manufacture and test our tools (scissors and pliers for citrus harvesting) than the community with the greatest recognition worldwide for its oranges ?.


Our company was born under the direction of Reginaldo Canet Pastor; who began to manufacture his first scissors in 1969 in a completely artisan way, and giving the legacy of the manufacture of the same to his children, which later founded Tools Canet S.L. in the year 1998.


The manufacture of these tools passes through the hands of these master craftsmen at each step of its manufacture, thus ensuring a high quality final product.


One of the objectives of Herramientas Canet, S.L. most important, if not the most, is undoubtedly the quality, always serve our customers a product of the highest quality and according to their specifications.


We have our own citrus fields in which we test our products, in the same way as our Team, which every year we provide our tools to test them throughout the citrus campaign so that they can transmit their sensations and be able to improve year after year our products.


At present we have 3 registered trademarks known by the great majority of citrus pickers. LES NULERES, VALENCIANES, CANET.

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